May 17, 2010

Our Fabulous August Wedding...and an Uninvited Guest

Crystallynn and Dean's wedding day was truly one of the most fantastic days of our lives! They were married, for time and eternity, in the beautiful historic Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

(Our Family right after the marriage; I love little 3 year-old Miriam's wink!)

It was obvious that no blessing was withheld from Crystallynn and Dean on their special day! They will always testify of truly enjoying their first moments of married life displaying their love and inviting the world to share their joy with them as they, dressed as bride and groom, rode a shiny red Harley Davidson motorcycle away from their wedding luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Hotel and through the downtown streets of Salt Lake City.

That evening Crystallynn and Dean's wedding culminated with a fabulous Hispanic Fiesta in the back yard of our Idaho home.

(Take note of the beautiful swing to the right in this photo; sitting patiently,
enjoying the evening and awaiting more decorations and anticipated guest.) 


As the guest start to arrive, notice the left lower corner in the above photo
to observe the cute little extended green leg of my beloved swing 
(almost as though waiting to trip someone...hmmmm) 

(This photo is of our two darling daughters, sisters Crystallynn and Sarah)

The food, company, music, and slide presentation couldn't have been better. Our Idaho yard had never looked so beautiful as it did that evening surrounded by white lights, tiki torches, lovely brown gazebo and fabulous fun guest! Our green and tan stripped covered patio swing sat peacefully in the corner of the yard, almost as a guest of honor, dressed equal to the occasion and basking in magical white lights and big dangly shiny plastic bows. After Dean broke the pinata, the bride danced with her father, the bride and groom drove off in their painted car and all the guest and Dean's sweet family turned in, my sisters and I enjoyed visiting and swinging to our hearts content late into the night. Little did I know, that would be the last time I would ever see my sweet swing as I then knew it.

The next morning we were devastated when going into the back yard to take the white lights down to find that a VANDAL had snuck in the night and for some reason had chosen to only hurt my innocent tan and green stripped patio swing sitting innocently, minding it's own business, against the fence and covered with white lights and two big shiny bright plastic bows. 

There my once beautiful swing sat silently in shambles, embarrassed, it's big shiny plastic bows now shredded and dangling to the ground...waiting for us to notice it's pain. My heart was heavy. Why had the cruel vandal not hurt the big beautiful brown canopy? Or the lovely little waterfalls and fountains still gracing the serving table from the previous evening's festivities, because we were too tired to take them in? What compelled them to pick only our lovely patio swing, with cute little overhead canopy, to leave a mean mark of unkindness on? Oozing cotton now poured from the giant gaping wounds in the back and once decently padded seat. I thought it looked like some wild animal had sharpened it's claws on my special gift.

All I could do was ask, “Why? Who would do such a cruel thing? Who?”

After months of love and nurturing, it was to no avail, and my sweet green and tan stripped continued to grow weaker and smaller. It became apparent that a vandal continued to steal from the holes they had made in the once padded seat and comfortable back. 

One day while doing laundry in my back room I glanced out my big clear glass window to catch the side view of what was left of our poor thin tan and green stripped swing. There I saw my nearly defeated swing standing in almost bare bones, as if leaning up against our house for protection and safety. I was overcome with feelings of love and nurturing. I stood there basking in fond memories of better days when my sweet patio swing and our family had swung together, while enjoying visiting, for hours in the warm sun. 

Those dreamy reminisces ended abruptly that exact second when a little fury head bopped up from behind the once padded arm rest. I could hardly believe my eyes! I was beholding the vandal in his evil deed, still banqueting on the last slim pickings of what was left of my poor little defenseless green and tan striped. He looked like some hungry scavenger picking away at the last few thin morsels of meat left on an aging Thanksgiving Turkey carcass.

He appeared next on the arm rest; sitting still and proud as the statue of a victorious general. Defiantly, feasting on his new overflowing armful of white puffy stuff. His stature alone signified the unspoken communication, telling wordless story of recent acquisition of his new claimed territory. In countenance and gesture, this tree dwelling rodent, testified he felt secure in his idea, that by his frequent visits and returns he had paid the proper price for his new property. He looked majestic as if he had already justified and appointed himself sole owner of my wonderful striped swing. I ran to the door and sliding it wide opened, to the chilly late autumn day, I must have made enough noise that he was gone faster then I had come. 

There are few words to adequately describe my sadness over the death of my beloved tan and green stripped patio swing with little canopy to protect you from the sun and two small drink holders. Paul was so kind to try to comfort and appease me with the fact that it could live on with another great purpose, and he did try his best to convince me that the job of a green metal bar to hold buckets which would hold tomatoes was a very important cause also. It was almost as if my beloved was now reincarnated into a completely different form and I was supposed to be happy about it.
I felt immense sadness over the fact that my wonderful swinging gift couldn't live on and have a long happy life basking in (and protecting from) the sun while serving it's loved ones with memorable visiting time like it used to. Touched by Paul's optimism, I was still secretly deeply repulsed by the reincarnate naked green metal pole that I was supposed to talk myself into believing had an important job and purpose in this all important one life that we live.

One day, months later, Paul and I were returning from an afternoon excursion and were walking across our back yard from the car to our home when Paul burst into laughter. I was a little confused at first because it seemed odd to see him looking up at the sky and laughing. Between chuckles he finally said, "So that is what happened to your swing!"

Looking in the same direction as Paul, with my head cranked upwards, my eyes scanned higher and higher til they finally rested on a big poofy nest built in the very top of our highest tree. I had to stare for a minute before I realized that this ominous nest was not only larger then any I had ever previously seen but it was also very unique in that it was made and oozing out with what looked exactly like the insides of my sweet swing. 

And so my vandal had been caught...not quite in the act...but his evidence was to be seen and witnessed to anyone who happened to look high enough. 

Even though the thieve cost the life of my poor swing, I find it interesting that Paul was able to use the lone metal frame from the wonderful swing to hang his experimental tomato plants growing upside down from plastic buckets. In spite of the fact that I really miss my wonderful gift, I am glad that it made amusing bushy tailed rodents happy and warm, as a nice place for them to come into this world. And of all the perpetrators, to do this evil deed, at least it was a squirrel...Crystallynn and Sarah's favorite!

I was coming in from the car the other day and saw the mother squirrel in our yard. I followed her and got interesting and excellent photos of her getting food for those little ones who now grace our squirrel nest we unwillingly provided the means for building.

(This story is completely true; and I wrote it down for our precious grandchildren;-)

PEACE - Paul working in the garden