Aug 8, 2010

My Mom's Family

Just came across some old photos that were located in a large manila envelope my Grandfather, Earl Nelson, had given my Mother umpteen years ago. They are so darling and I want to scan them into the computer so everyone can enjoy too.

This first photo is a baby picture of my mother, Karma Anna Nelson Reamey, in her baby carriage. Although this old photo is taped and torn, it should be very obvious that she was well cared for.

This is a darling photo of my mother, Karma, in the snow with her buggy, cousin (can't remember his name) and adorable necklace.
I'm not sure if this is the same cousin - but he looks a little leery about having his photo taken;(one can only imagine what the cameras must have been like back in the early 1920s.)

...and the little bit leery cousin's younger sibling...or, better yet, this very likely may be my Aunt Bette.

KARMA, BETTE, and BABY BONNIE....3 precious little girls!!!

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