Aug 8, 2010

Some of My Favorite Kodak by me

As long as I can remember, I have always had an immense interest in photography. That obsession seems to have first taken root while I was a very young child observing my mother taking family photos with her old black and white Brownie Camera. Although the whole idea enthralled me, my main interest definitely centered around getting photos "taken of me" instead of actually "taking photos." Insurmountable suspense seemed to precede the days that my five sisters and I attempted to wait patiently for the little gold Kodak envelope to come back through the mail, so we could see the many small black and white photos our mother had taken of us.

These are a few of my many "favorite photos"...some I took with very old inadequate cameras while the most recent were taken with my first SLR (many thanks to Crystallynn and Dean for the thoughtful gift!) Some may be good photos and others I just like...because...probably because most of them are of my family and loved ones. It's hard not to love photos of our loved ones!

13 year old Sarah (Steed / Onken) walking at sunset
Granddaughter Emma holds a ladybug
Crystallynn and I had so much fun in the Caribbean!
Pink blossom in snow ~ front yard of my sister Cindy's home
Crystallynn overlooking the Caribbean Ocean
Such a familiar sight on the Idaho potato farm
Darling Warner and Libby study the East Eggs we individualized

The Orchids Paul bought of my favorite flowers; they are exquisitely rich yet simple
The old Pioneer Duplex
The happy green/orange bowl I made ~ holding a magnificent green apple
Crystallynn in Ensenada
The Grandaughters and I have so much fun at TJMaxx; Miriam, Libby, Emma and Hannah.
Adam Steed Waterfall (first time he turned the water on.) So beautiful for a back yard! His artistic creations look like they are right out of the mountains and are truly magnificent!!
Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

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